We stock a large range of stamps from all over the world both mint and used.


Great Britain - All periods from 1840 to date, including good ranges of Queen Victoria to George V, including high values with good ranges line engraved and surface printed with Q.E.II to date, including booklets, First Day Covers and presentation packs.


Good ranges of Australia, Canada and New Zealand Mint and Used.


British Commonwealth Countries Mint and Used, early up to the mid 1980's, and good ranges KGVI.


Western Europe Used early to about 1990 and Mint up to 1980.


We also have a small selection of thematics including: animals, birds, flowers and sport.

GB and One Country Mixtures

1lb of Definitive and Commeratives - Price: £3.00

100g bag of Modern Commeratives - No Christmas stamps - Very little duplication - Price: £6.00 or 200g bag many 100's stamps - Price: £11.50

Bag of Commeratives in sets+ higher value 60 - 85 stamps per bag - Price: £4.50

Off Paper GB


Collection 1000 different KGVI up to 2017 includes many high value definitives - Price: £32.50

World Mixtures - No GB. All on paper.

200g World Mixture - Price: £12.50 per bag

200g World charity Mixture - Price: £8.50 per bag

400g World Mixture (duplication) - Price: £17.00 per bag

1,000 different stamps - all off paper - Price: £10.00 per bag


Stamp Collections

One Country on Paper Kiloware Bags

South Africa 200g mixture - Price: £16.50 per bag

Spain 200g mixture (some duplication) - Price: £7.50 per bag

Germany 200g mixture (some duplication) - Price: £8.50 per bag

U.S.A. 200g mixture (some duplication) - Price: £7.50 per bag

Japan 100g bag very modern - Many 100's - Price: £14.50

Australia 200g (charity mixture) - Price: £7.50 per bag

Thailand 100g (some duplication) - Price: £8.50 per bag

Italy 100g mixture - over 300 stamps - Price: £22.50 per bag

Cyprus 50g mixture (modern) - Price: £10.00 per bag

Kiloware Bags